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CAD/CAM titanium adhesive bases for the tioLogic® TWINFIT implant system

Released: 22.07.2019

Available immediately:

Located in the Northern Black Forest, one of Germany's centers for precision engineering, Dentaurum Implants develops and manufactures its products true to the motto "Quality – made in Germany". The CAD/CAM titanium adhesive bases are one of the latest developments for the implant system tioLogic® TWINFIT which was launched in January 2019.

The new CAD/CAM titanium adhesive bases are especially suited for the bonding of multi-unit bridge restorations or full-arch restorations on tioLogic® TWINFIT implants in the edentulous mandible or maxilla. They have a platform connector geometry which ensures the prosthesis sits optimally. There is no rotational security to enable maximum freedom when positioning the base on the implant. The cone is 3.2 mm high and has retention grooves which enhance the effect of the adhesive on the cone. The titanium adhesive bases are constructed in such a way that implant divergencies of up to 30° can be compensated. By using the bonding technique, the ceramic bridges, manufactured using CAD/CAM, can be fitted passively.

Data sets for 3Shape, exocad and dental wings are available as downloads for digital construction at

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