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An all-rounder for model fabrication:

laboratory implant for printed and cast models

Released: 25.10.2019

An all-rounder for model fabrication:

It is the aim of every dental technician to fabricate models that are precise and accurate in detail. Alongside conventional fabrication methods, 3D printing is gaining in importance. Dentaurum Implants GmbH is now offering a new laboratory implant for the tioLogic® TWINFIT implant system for the fabrication of precise implant models. It is a true all-rounder and is suitable for digital and conventional fabrication methods. The external geometry has been especially designed so that the implant can be fixed both in plaster and in the cavities prepared on the printed model.

Digital workflow
The intra-oral scan is taken only on the basis of the platform connector geometry to ensure that the individual oral situation is transferred exactly. Once the model with the planned cavities has been printed, the tioLogic® TWINFIT laboratory implant for printed and cast models can be inserted on the corresponding abutment S, M or L. To this end, the laboratory implant is placed on the manual insertion key. The screw delivered with the laboratory implant is used to fix the laboratory implant from the apical side. It is possible to remove and reposition the implant at all times.

Data sets for the cavities in the printed models are stored in the 3Shape library and are available on the Dentaurum home page.

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