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A world first offering maximum flexibility:

Dentaurum Implants launches a revolutionary product in implantology.

Released: 06.03.2019

A world first offering maximum flexibility:

"It's my choice"; with this slogan, Dentaurum Implants has developed an implant system that is unique world-wide – tioLogic® TWINFIT. The operator can look forward to a patented system that has much to offer: not only safety and efficiency in handling, but also maximum flexibility during implant insertion, final restoration and in situations that change as the patient grows older. With the revolutionary Abutment Switch, one and the same implant has two connector geometries for restorations – conical and platform. Moreover, a system of depth stops offers flexibility and safety during surgical preparation.

One system for all requirements.
The tioLogic® TWINFIT implant system covers all indications in the fields of surgery and prosthetics. Using modern FEM analyses, both the design of the implant and its thread geometry were optimized, ensuring that the flow of forces is even and gentle on the bone. The optimal grading of the implant diameters and lengths means that the appropriate implant can be used for the indication in question. The comprehensive assortment of prosthetics offers maximum flexibility where the restoration is concerned. The proven S-M-L concept and the integrated Platform Switch mean the assortment for tioLogic® TWINFIT is easy to manage: 5 implant diameters, 5 implant lengths, 3 series of abutments, 2 connector geometries – conical and platform.

Abutment Switch.
Thanks to the revolutionary Abutment Switch, one implant has two connector geometries (conical/platform) for the prosthetic restoration. This is currently a unique selling point on the implant market. It offers flexibility throughout the entire life cycle of the implant – from insertion to final restoration and in situations that change as the patient grows older. Operators remain flexible in their decision on which abutment best suits each individual patient – conical or platform –, both from a functional and from an aesthetic point of view.

Depth stop system.
The depth stop sleeves for single use allow more flexibility and security during surgical preparation. They are included with every delivery. The sleeves are designed to match the preparation protocol and serve to support the operator during implant insertion. The sleeves are simply pushed onto each of the drills if required. Color coding indicating the diameter protect against using the wrong instrument. Together with the ADVANCED instruments, it is possible to prepare the implant site in a way that is gentle on the bone. At the same time valuable autologous bone chips can be collected.

Angulated solutions for all requirements.
The prosthetic assortment is rounded off by the innovative 4Base system for screw-retained superstructures with angulations up to 50°. A uniform interface facilitates prosthetic restoration. This minimizes augmentative measures, thereby reducing treatment time.

The angulated screw aperture is also the best solution for the entire segment that is occlusally screw-retained, both for 4Base and for hybrid constructions. This guarantees prosthetic results that are aesthetic and functional. The screw aperture can be inclined at an angle of 20° to the implant axis, allowing discrete emergence in the palatal area, particularly in the anterior region.

Digital workflow.
The patented tioLogic® TWINFIT implant system with all of its components is designed to suit a digital workflow. As your digital partner, the Dentaurum Group places value on process sequences that are efficient and easy to follow, using materials that have been validated – from scanning through to manufacture.

tioLogic® TWINFIT sets new standards in the field of implantology. The system offers solutions that are flexible, efficient and tailor-made for the patient. The program is rounded off with a wide offer of services for the user and the patient.

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