CITO mini®

CITO mini®
Mini implants for your quality of life.

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Mini implants for your quality of life.

Security and stability for your dental prosthesis.




Say YES to your quality of life. Stable prostheses give us an attractive smile and radiate good health so they are important for your quality of life. They also allow us to speak with family, friends and colleagues without inhibitions. Dental prostheses that fit properly enable you to bite easily into anything you like. They add to your vitality and enhance selfconfidence – all without adhesive cream.

But they can have a detrimental effect on your quality of life if they don't fit properly. This makes it all the more important to find a lasting solution with the help of your dentist.

With CITO mini® implants from Dentaurum you say a resounding YES to securely fitting prostheses.
Quality and aesthetics for your SMILE.


Say YES to your quality of life.

CITO mini® – the right choice for you?

Do you have problems wearing your dental prosthesis?

Many people who wear a dental prosthesis are not happy with the fit or the retention. Maybe this is how you feel, too. Your prosthesis moves when you chew or speak. Pressure spots form on your gums and you experience inflammation.

Do you have difficulties chewing and speaking?

If the jaw bone has already receded, it becomes increasingly difficult to chew and to speak confidently. Your sense of taste may also be weakened. You experience more and more restrictions because of your loose dentures.

Has your appearance changed?

The jaw bone is stimulated by the roots of the teeth. If these are missing, the jaw bone slowly starts to recede. This then changes the natural shape of your face. The chin pushes forwards and the lips become thinner.

CITO mini® – questions and answers.

Which prostheses can be secured with these titanium pins?

Generally speaking, any prosthesis can be secured with mini implants, whether it's  one  you  already  have  or  a  new  one.  Ask  your  dentist  for  the  best  form  of  therapy for you.

Are there cost advantages compared to conventional implants?

As mini implants are much smaller than conventional implants the treatment time is much shorter. Often one appointment for 1 to 2 hours is plenty. This means that the price can be up to 50% less than with classic implants.

Can I continue to use the prosthesis I already have?

If you already have dentures, it is quite possible that your dentist will be able to secure these with mini implants. Talk to your dentist who will help you find the best possible solution.

Is the procedure painful?

You will be given a local anaesthetic before the procedure. As the mini implants have a very small diameter, this is only a minor procedure. Usually you should not experience any pain during the treatment.

4 steps to success.


Step 1

At the beginning of the treatment you are given a local anaesthetic.

Step 2

The dentist inserts the mini implants in just a short time.

Step 3

Your temporary prosthesis is produced in the dental laboratory.

Step 4

You leave the dental practice with a fixed prosthesis and your SMILE back.

CITO mini® – Someone you trust, your dentist.

Dr. Bernd Schwahn, Greifswald (Germany)

Mini implants are the optimum solution to stabilize an existing prosthesis. Generally the patient can bite firmly with his fixed prosthesis on the very day of the implantation. The patient's quality of life increases considerably.

Dr. Jan-Ove Nissen, Gettorf (Germany)

With CITO mini® implants the prosthesis is stabilized in the jaw – without complex surgery. Safe and simple! This is the ideal solution for patients to ensure a better quality of life.

CITO mini® – user satisfaction that speaks for itself.

Jan Kielhorn, Öhringen (Germany)

Many patients consult my practice wanting implant rehabilitation without extensive surgery. In many cases I can offer them comparatively minor surgical intervention with mini implants.

Dr. Uwe Friedrich, Grumbach (Germany)

The concept of mini implants has become a fixed part of my daily practice routine. The success rates stated in scientific literature are confirmed by the high level of patient satisfaction.

Dentaurum. Quality. Worldwide. Unique.



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