DENTAURUM Dental Technology: Implantology - Orthodontics - Prosthetics


Dental technology

Setting the pace

The Dentaurum Group develops, manufactures and sells products for dentists and dental technicians worldwide. The variety of products for dental technology, orthodontics and implantology is unique in the world of dentistry. The wide range of products and their excellent reliability and quality along with our investments in innovative technologies will continue to maintain the leading position of Dentaurum against the global competition. Our exceptional customer service will also continue to be a significant factor in our continuing success. more>


Dental implants – improved quality of life

The tioLogic© implant system offers ideal customised solutions for implantologists and dentists working in implantology. Features include maximum safety, perfect aesthetics and ease of use. The innovations are reflected in the tioLogic© easyClean surgical tray, the first and so far only wash tray in the world that can be machine-cleaned and sterilized with instruments in place. tioLogic© pOsition adds to the range of Dentaurum implants with a safe, minimally invasive and totally accurate drill system for guided implant placement. As a separate company in the Dentaurum Group, Dentaurum Implants has more than 15 years of experience in the research, development and manufacture of dental implants. more>


Top Quality innovative products

The Dentaurum orthodontics programme has a very wide range of products for all applications required by orthodontists and the orthodontic laboratory. In addition to the smallest bracket in the world and the popular discovery® premium bracket, the invisible discovery® pearl ceramic bracket offers perfect aesthetic results. One of the leading products in the skeletal anchorage segment is the innovative tomas® minipin system. Dentaurum also offers a wide selection of bands, buccal tubes, wires and arches. The Orthocryl® acrylic system has been a success in the market for removable appliances for over 50 years. So far more than 250 million appliances have been fabricated with Orthocryl® and millions of Dentaurum expansion screws have been used. more>


High-quality dentures

The dental technology range includes major brands such as the non-precious metal remanium® alloys and investment compounds like rema® Exakt, and also the first titanium speed investment material in the world. The remanium® star alloy is the first dental alloy that is ideally suited to all machining techniques such as casting, milling and laser welding. All remanium® alloys are developed by specialists in our own metallurgical laboratories and are manufactured in the Dentaurum foundry under rigid quality control conditions. High-tech equipment such as the new desktop Compact laser welder is also available in addition to the wide range of consumable materials. The dental technology range also includes veneering ceramics for alloys, zirconium dioxide or titanium, all developed in house. more>


Aesthetic dental products

In modern dentistry ceramic is the material of the future for a wide range of dental products. It is the closest material to natural teeth in function and aesthetics and it is also biocompatible. Dentaurum has production facilities in France near Limoges, where we maintain a centre for ceramic research and development, and where we manufacture feldspar-free dental ceramics for crown and bridge frameworks and other dental products. An international team of specialists is developing ceramic products and also the accompanying innovative manufacturing technology for the Dentaurum Group. The Dentaurum subsidiary is one of the few specialised companies in the world that has the expertise required for the development and production of dental ceramics. more>

Courses & events

Increasing and spreading knowledge

Mit dem Centrum Dentale Communikation eröffnete die Dentaurum-Gruppe 1996 ein Kurs-, Veranstaltungs- und Kommunikationszentrum der besonderen Art. Der rasche Wandel in allen Bereichen der Zahnmedizin und Zahntechnik forderte uns auf, an der Wissensbildung aktiv mitzuwirken. Unsere Zielsetzung ist, mehr Kommunikation und Integration aller Bereiche der Dentalwelt zum Wohle der Patienten zu schaffen. Inzwischen umfasst das Kursangebot der Dentaurum-Gruppe mehr als 100 Kurse, die von über 70 Referenten nicht nur im CDC sondern auch regional in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz angeboten werden. Die Kurse der Dentaurum-Gruppe zeichnen sich insbesondere durch den hohen Praxisbezug und die kleinen Teilnehmergruppen aus, wodurch ein effektives Lernen garantiert wird. Eine angenehme Atmosphäre, sympathische und engagierte Referenten machen die Kurse zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis. more>