About COVID-19

The coronavirus disease COVID-19 is not only dominating the news, but also having an increasing impact on our private and professional lives. Dentaurum is committed to acting responsibly and with foresight in this situation.

In order to protect our customers and employees from COVID-19 and to contain the spread of the coronavirus, we have instructed our sales professionals in Canada to work from home from March 16, 2020 on. In addition, we have cancelled all trade fair and congress participation, as well as all Dentaurum courses until further notice.

For more than 134 years, Dentaurum, as a traditional, owner-managed family company, has stood for "Made in Germany". In this pandemic, we have implemented our contingency plans and are doing our best to maintain and ensure the supply of our products. Due to our high level of in-house manufacturing in Germany, as well as our extensive stock, we can guarantee our customers a steady supply even in this exceptional situation.

We are aware, however, that you will also have to reduce your workload, as governments around the world are taking the necessary measures to slow down the spread of the disease. This limits people's mobility and reduces demand. We must all show flexibility and adaptability in order to overcome this crisis with as little damage as possible.

If you have any questions about our products, please contact our sales professionals as usual by telephone or e-mail. Call our order service at (+1) 800 363 9973 or send an e-mail to info@dentaurum.ca.

We wish you all the very best and, above all, good health.


Dental technology

Setting the pace...

The Dentaurum Group develops, manufactures and sells products for dentists and dental technicians worldwide.

The variety of products for dental technology, orthodontics and implantology is unique in the world of dentistry. The wide range of products and their excellent reliability and quality along with our investments in innovative technologies will continue to maintain the leading position of Dentaurum against the global competition.

Our exceptional customer service will also continue to be a significant factor in our continuing success.


Shaping the future.

Tradition, innovation and quality.

We are proud of our contribution to dentistry over the past 130 years.

Over the last century and a quarter Dentaurum has grown from a simple dental laboratory to a dental company with operations worldwide. The secret of our success is close contact with our customers and our interest in innovations that lead to the development of new products.

As an owner-managed family company in the fourth generation we are independent and flexible and we are in a position to respond quickly in a focused manner to market changes. This establishes a secure base for the future success of the Dentaurum Group. We are continuously investing in new technology and optimising our processes to economise on valuable resources.

We have always placed the highest possible priority on the quality of our products from the purchase of raw materials to the finished, packaged product. In order to ensure this, we develop and manufacture in Germany.

With highly qualified employees, our apprenticeship and training scheme, continuing research and development and professional management team we strive to continually improve our position in the face of international competition.



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Telephone: 450-691-2994
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e-mail: info@dentaurum.ca

Orders taken before 1pm will be shipped out within 24 hours. This is subject to stock availabilty.


Daniela Dinu
telephone : 1-800-363-9973
e-mail: daniela.dinu@dentaurum.de

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téléphone : 1-800-363-9973
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Prosthetics/ Ceramic:

Sourena Ghandehari.CDT- General Manager

Tel: 1-800-363-9973

e-mail : sourena.ghandehari@dentaurum.de


Damir Hanzek.RDT- Sales Representative

e-mail: damir.hanzek@dentaurum.de


Monica Grecu. RDT- Technical Representative

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Steve Bigelow- Sales Representative- Orthodontics
tel: 1-800-363-9973

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Sourena Ghandehari. CDT - General Manager

tel: 1-800-363-9973

email: sourena.ghandehari@dentaurum.de



Sourena Ghandehari.CDT -General Manager

tel: 1-800-363-9973

email: sourena.ghandehari@dentaurum.de

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