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Discovering things without actually being there. This is now possible when you embark on a virtual tour around the main location of the Dentaurum Group. 360° cameras and innovative Virtual Reality technology (VR) create an experience that allows you to explore the Dentaurum world. The main location of the Dentaurum Group is Ispringen, a town near Pforzheim on the edge of the Black Forest - a center of innovation and precision technology. Start your 360° tour and experience Dentaurum from a new perspective. Simply click on the arrows to change direction, or stand on one spot and turn around, or zoom in to explore areas in more detail. Or put on a pair of VR glasses and discover our company: our Virtual Reality function takes you on a 360° tour of the Dentaurum Group at its main location - almost as if you were here in person.
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Dentaurum goes zirconium oxide – the ceraMotion® One Touch concept


Nacera® and ceraMotion® - two strong brands combined to form a unique product range for all indications and processing techniques for the manufacture of all-ceramic restorations made of zirconium oxide. They are individually tailored to the needs and requirements of the user. The two systems in combination leave nothing to be desired.

ceraMotion® Value Concept


Control the brightness as required
Dentaurum are adding a special new product to the popular ceraMotion® veneering porcelain system. The corresponding assortment is available for the ceraMotion® Me and ceraMotion® lines.

remanium® - everyone is talking about it


A success story celebrates an anniversary
Happy birthday! Dentaurum's high-quality CoCr alloy remanium® celebrates its 80-year anniversary this year.

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