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A wide spectrum of products

For use in almost all treatments

The selection of wires, arches and accessories from Dentaurum ranges from simple laboratory wires, to arches made from special alloys such as the Tensic® Ideal Arch, a thermo-active nickel titanium alloy. It is not only the wide range of products which is impressive but also the multitude of shapes, dia-meters and strengths. For use in all orthodontic fields in the practice and in the laboratory. The special biocompatible range of Noninium® wires and arches for especially sensitive patients rounds off our wide spectrum of products.

Extraordinary mechanical properties

The fine mechanical properties of Dentaurum’s wires and arches are achieved by an ideal combination of cold processing and heat treatment. Thanks to these processes you will always find the ideal amount of elongation, strength and elasticity to fulfill every requirement for effective orthodontic treatment.

Reliable and effective orthodontic results

All of Dentaurum’s wire and arch products are extremely precise and dimensionally accurate. This guarantees the best possible transfer of torque with its minimally rounded edges and outstanding friction due to the excellent surface quality. Dentaurum has decades of experience in the production of wires and arches. These qualities give you, the user, confidence in knowing you can rely upon products that are functional and mechanically extremely precise at all times.

Excellent surface quality with low friction values

The so-called diamond polishing on Dentaurum’s remanium® and remaloy® wires and arches produces virtually scratch-free surfaces, a prerequisite for the low friction values so important in orthodontic treatment. The extremely smooth surfaces are resistant to corrosion and plaque build-up. The appropriate chemical processes used on rematitan® SPECIAL etc. also produce excellent surface qualities.

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