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tomas® (temporary orthodontic micro anchorage system) is a new concept for temporary skeletal anchorage in orthodontic treatment, e.g. for active tooth movement or passive stabilization. Its special design, as well as the complete product range and our comprehensive service make tomas® the premium modern system. tomas® is the first complete product range using sterile mini screws.


  • enables simpler, more effective orthodontic treatment*
  • can replace headgear treatment*
  • designed to conserve teeth, avoiding extractions
  • only partial banding required*
  • optimized use of time and materials
  • well tolerated by the patient
  • pin not visible during treatment

    * Depending on the initial situation and type of treatment



  • Slot marking
    With quadruple slot marking for optimal identification of the slot position
  • 3 lengths
    Available in 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm length
  • Different threads
    Available in a self-drilling or self-tapping version - sterile
  • Unique undercut
    Secure bond of light cured adhesive prevents ligation failures. Patent: DE 101 32 088
  • GingiFit©
    Optimal fit and seal with punched gingiva, reducing plaque accumulation, irritation and Inflammation.´
  • Depth stop
    Depth stop for maximum safety.
  • Special pin surface treatment
    Delays osseointegration. Easy pin removal at the end of treatment.
  • Ortho-Design
    Pin head with .022 cross slot bracket design. Easy application of auxiliaries.
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