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Tiolox® surgical tray

For the placement of Tiolox® implants

Clearly arranged set for easy handling and professional application. A proven surgical tray for all TIOLOX® drilling sequences incl. torque ratchet and inserts.
The TIOLOX® implant system is supplied in two implant diameters (ø 3.5 mm and ø 4.5 mm). The surgical tray 35/45 contains all the instruments required for placement of the implants. TIOLOX® therefore provides a complete, clearly structured professional system. The inner tray is designed, so that all the instruments can be removed immediately for use and the sensitive instruments / drills are protected by cartridges. Another component of the tray is the torque ratchet, which is unique to the last detail. It is now possible to tighten all TIOLOX® screws with a defined torque and prevent screw loosening using the torque ratchet and corresponding screwdriver inserts.

Surgical instruments (TIOSET®)

Instrumentarium for dental surgery and implantology

The TIOSET® is the ideal combination of durable, professional surgical instruments in a wash-tray castor. The TIOSET® ensures that the surgical instruments required for successful dental surgery are within easy reach. This simplifies practice procedures and avoids treatment delays due to looking for the correct instrument.

Osteotome Tray

For optimum implant sites

Osteotomes were designed for optimizing the implants site. The osteotomes and bone chisels are matched exactly to tioLogic® implants and provide them with three extra indications. They can be used for bone condensation, partial sinus lifting and horizontal bone extension. The straight and angled osteotome inserts are available in various diameters. The slender bone spreading chisels are available in various widths. All osteotomes and bone chisels include depth markings matched to tioLogic® implants and are easily and quickly replaced in the anatomically shaped universal holder.

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Sterile single-use drapes (TIODRAPE)

Sterile single-use drapes and surgical gowns for dental surgery

The sterile single-use products of the Tiodrape product range guarantee optimal hygiene and protection for the operator during dental surgery. The Tiodrape set contains all essential single-use components for sterile draping of the patient and surgical equipment. A characteristic of the set is that it saves the operator time, storage and cleaning costs.

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