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Tiolox® surgical tray

For the placement of Tiolox® implants

Clearly arranged set for easy handling and professional application. A proven surgical tray for all TIOLOX® drilling sequences incl. torque ratchet and inserts.
The TIOLOX® implant system is supplied in two implant diameters (ø 3.5 mm and ø 4.5 mm). The surgical tray 35/45 contains all the instruments required for placement of the implants. TIOLOX® therefore provides a complete, clearly structured professional system. The inner tray is designed, so that all the instruments can be removed immediately for use and the sensitive instruments / drills are protected by cartridges. Another component of the tray is the torque ratchet, which is unique to the last detail. It is now possible to tighten all TIOLOX® screws with a defined torque and prevent screw loosening using the torque ratchet and corresponding screwdriver inserts.

Sterile single-use drapes (TIODRAPE)

Sterile single-use drapes and surgical gowns for dental surgery

The sterile single-use products of the Tiodrape product range guarantee optimal hygiene and protection for the operator during dental surgery. The Tiodrape set contains all essential single-use components for sterile draping of the patient and surgical equipment. A characteristic of the set is that it saves the operator time, storage and cleaning costs.

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