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Nickel-free* bracket using modern MIM technology

The design and manufacturing process of topic is the same as with discovery®. The brackets are particularly impressive due to the modern manufacturing process using MIM (metal injection molding) technology and this provide excellent efficiency for the doctor and comfort for the patient: rounded edges ensure intraoral comfort and large tie wing undercuts allow multiple ligatures.

Reliable bond during treatment

The patented laser structured based provides optimum bond strength. The uniform structure of micro and macro retention reduces the risk of premature debonding to a minimum. The anatomical contour of the base, which was adapted using 3D CAD, also enhances the bond & ensures the bracket fits perfectly to the contour of the tooth. This greatly facilitates placement and positioning of the bracket.

Laser marking simplifies identification

The topic bracket also has a clear system of laser marking, which ensures that each bracket can be easily and reliably assigned to a specific tooth.

* acc. to ISO 6871-1 (1994)

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