tomas®-pins for palatal median insertion

Appliances with the tried-and-trusted tomas®-system

Released: 16.10.2017

tomas®-pins for palatal median insertion

The tomas®-system has been one of the leading skeletal anchorage systems for many years. Users value its easy, clearly structured handling and high reliability. In close cooperation with national and international users, the system has experienced continuous improvements over the past few years. This has resulted in new components which can be used to fabricate promising appliances for the anterior palate.

tomas®-pins can be inserted in the anterior palate in two locations - paramedian and median. A variety of appliances can be coupled with the tomas®-pin in both locations with the help of tomas®-abutments. For example, the tomas®-abutment double tube (Ø 1.5 mm) can be combined with the tomas®-abutment U-wire for pins inserted along the palatal median. The U-shaped wire (Ø 1.1 mm) fits exactly in the two tubes. The sagittal adjustment can therefore easily be adapted to the distance between the two tomas®-pin EP.

Abutments for appliances coupled in the median zone
Depending on the sagittal profile of the palatal median zone and the bone available, it is normally not possible to make a parallel alignment of the tomas®-pins as is possible for paramedian insertion. Consequently, the insertion directions are different. The tomas®-abutment double tube 1.5 has two tubes which are fitted parallel to one another. The wire on the tomas®-abutment U-wire is welded at an angle of 10° on the rotatable ring of the abutment. It is possible to compensate divergencies and convergencies of up to 30° without having to bend the U-shaped wire using the counterbalance for different insertion directions which is integrated into the abutments.

The tomas®-abutments are suitable for both head shapes of the tomas®-pin. We recommend using the tomas®-pin EP since the mushroom-shaped head and the tomas®-abutment together form a smooth surface.

Simple and effective
The hex on the tomas®-pin can be used not only for insertion, but also for anchorage of the abutments. They are coupled with the pin via an innovative snap mechanism. The abutment is placed onto the head of the tomas®-pin, pressed slightly towards the tip of the pin and the abutment snaps into place on the hex of the pin. It sits perfectly on the pin without a screw connection. It can also be removed just as quickly and as easily. Since, as a rule, no purely vertical forces arise during treatment, the connection is secure and the appliance cannot slip out of position. The rotatable ring on the tomas®-abutments prevents torsional forces that may occur in the appliance from being transferred to the pin. The pin is also barely subjected to strain when the abutment is replaced or removed.

tomas®-pin EP is available in different lengths
The tomas®-pin EP is available in 6, 8 and 10 mm length and can be delivered either sterile or non-sterile. Thanks to the self-drilling thread, no pre-drilling is necessary except in a few cases. After only half a turn, the pin tip penetrates the bone without the need for excessive force. The gingival collar is conical-shaped and is machine-polished. It allows a close – and thereby sealing – gingival adaptation to the tomas®-pin.

Be it distalization, mesialization, intrusion, palatal expansion or indirect anchorage: with its modular construction, tomas® offers a multitude of coupling possibilities with a small number of parts. It is the complete system for all indications. It has something to offer both the beginner and the professional in skeletal anchorage systems.

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