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tomas®-pin SD

The tomas®-pin SD (Self Drilling) is easy to use like a conventional bracket. The coupling elements are fixed in place using a drop of adhesive.

3 thread lengths:

6,0 mm
8,0 mm
10,0 mm

tomas®-pin SD (sterile) tomas®-pin SD N
REF 302-106-00 REF 302-106-10 / -30
REF 302-108-00 REF 302-108-10 / -30
REF 302-110-00 REF 302-110-10 / -30

Familiar bracket design

Head with 22 cross Slot with undercut. Easy to use like a conventional bracket.

Hex 2.5

High biocompatibility

Material from the field of implantology
(Titanium Grade 5).


Perceptible depth stop

Ensures maximum Insertion depth is maintained during insertion in patient's mouth giving higher primary stability in the bone.



Gingival collar in proven design

Proven design of conical, machine-polished gingival collar - optimum. Close gingival adaptation prevents unwelcome irritations.

Self-drilling thread

Pre-drilling not necessary: saves time and gives high primary stability.


3D view: Please click.


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