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rematitan® CL (titanium alloy) is a proven medical device offering highest safety.
  • Titanium is not an alloy.
    Titanium is a chemical element, a pure metal.
  • Titanium is highly corrosion-resistant.
    Titanium does not corrode. After building a protective oxide layer, the material is inert. It is also called ‘chemically inert’.
  • Titanium is biocompatible.
    Titanium does not release ions. Consequently, titanium does not cause any pathological reactions in the body.
  • Titan is the most biocompatible metal.
    It has proven to be very useful in dental and human medicine.
  • Titanium is a metal with low thermal conductivity.
    The patient can enjoy hot and cold meals without any pain. The thermal conductivity of gold is 15 times higher, which is why the patients reacts more strongyl to hot and cold meals.   
  • Titanium is neutral in taste.
    The passified surface of titanium prevents reactions with the saliva and food.
    The material does not produce the typical metallic flavor common in other alloys.
  • Titanium has a wide variety of applications.
    Due to the wide variety of possible applications, all restorations in one patient can be made with one metal.
  • Titanium is light.
    The lightness improves patient comfort. Gold is 4 times heavier than titanium; this weight difference
    can be quite noticeable in large bridges.
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