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The sleeves for the tioLogic® system are manufactured from titanium and guarantee exact guidance of the corresponding drills. All sleeves are designed as singe-patient components to ensure this exact guidance with each drilling procedure. Any additional use can result in inexact drill guidance and associated inaccurate positioning of the implant.

The base sleeves guide the gingiva cutter and bone reamer. The corresponding inner sleeves guide the depth drill and stepped countersink. The inner sleeves are inserted in the respective base sleeves (colour-coded) and secured with a silicone ring to ensure positional stability during use. They have a grip section which, due to its special bending zone, can be adapted three-dimensionally according to the amount of space available orally. The inner sleeves can also be screw retained on the inner sleeve holder using their grip section. This ensures optimal application of the inner sleeves particularly in the distal region, as the entire grip section is extended and there is also the above-mentioned three-dimensional adaptability.
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