The unicorn has arrived!

Raise the curtain on a new orthodontic decal

Released: 01.12.2017

The unicorn has arrived!

Our customers have been waiting in anticipation for a long time .... and now the unicorn has finally arrived. Dentaurum is keeping in line with the international trend for unicorns and is now offering the mythical creature as a decal for orthodontic appliances.

The unicorn decal will help improve patient acceptance of both the appliance and the orthodontic treatment. Who won't enjoy wearing an orthodontic appliance that has been made on the basis of your own design ideas? The new unicorn decal is available immediately and exclusively from Dentaurum.

A class of its own: Orthocryl®
The acrylic system Orthocryl® is the number one choice for the manufacture of orthodontic appliances. The acrylic system from Dentaurum has been a fixture in orthodontic practices and laboratories for more than 50 years. It combines excellent product characteristics and easy handling. Orthocryl® is also a class IIa product and therefore suitable for the fixed appliance technique. There are no limits to your creativity, regardless of whether you choose black, white or multi-color – Orthocryl® offers maximum freedom in design with its variety of lively colors, glitter and decals.

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