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Dual thread design

Maximum primary and secondary stability

The crestal fine thread of the tioLogic© implant is ideally tailored to the bone density of the cortical bone and ensures high primary stability even with poor horizontal bone availability.
The progressive coarse thread, which follows on seamlessly, is tailored to the density of the spongiosa bone and provides high primary stability even with unfavourable bone conditions. It also guarantees perfect placement of the tioLogic© implant.

Optimal thread geometry

Protective load distribution

The detail design of the thread flanks and the contour of the thread depth and pitch of the tioLogic© implant have been developed to provide optimum load distribution. The thread design prevents strain or stress peaks in the bone. It also ensures excellent primary and secondary stability.

Conical Cylindrical design

Implant shape similar to a natural tooth

The clinically proven external diameter of the tioLogic© implant, which is similar in shape to a root, ensures physiological load distribution that produces minimum stress on the bone and also contributes to improved primary and secondary stability. The rounded apex prevents damage to anatomical structures (sinus floor) during insertion.

- FEM-optimized implant

Optimal load distribution

The design of the thread, thread geometry, conical-cylindrical implant shape and rounded apex were calculated and recorded based on FEM analyses1. This produces uniform, gentle loading of the bone, while preventing stress peaks that could damage the bone and localized overloading.

1 A. Rahimi, F. Heinemann, A. Jäger, C. Bourauel: (Biomechanical tests on the effect of different types of tioLogic(c) implant geometry); University of Bonn 2006.

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