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Marking drill

The marking drill is used for marking the insertion point of the implant on the alveolar ridge.

Surface cutter STANDARD

The surface cutter with four blades has an excellent cutting capacity, which ensures reliable preparation without applying a lot of pressure. It produces a flat bone surface that forms an optimal support area for the depth stop. Even before implant placement, the circular area on the bone also indicates that the cervical of the implant will be fully surrounded by bone.

Depth drill STANDARD

The depth drills, which can be used for any implant diameter, prepare the final depth and alignment of the implant site. A depth drill is selected to match the planned implant length (here 15.0 mm length) and inserted to the integrated depth stop. This ensures that the planned implant length is not exceeded, even with a poor view. The relevant length is laser printed on each depth drill.

Conical former STANDARD

The special geometry and number of cutting flanks are particular features of the tioLogic© system conical formers. Their cutting capacity guarantees optimal guidance and perfect excavation of the implant site without the operator having to apply great pressure. Combined with the integrated depth stop, this ensures easy, reliable preparation. The cutting flanks also enable the effective harvesting of bone chips for possible grafting.

Thread tap STANDARD

The thread taps are designed to ensure minimum stress on the bone during manual preparation. Manual preparation and broad laser markings ensure that the thread depth to be cut is clearly visible. The special geometry of the thread tap produces a very precise thread cut for optimum fit and primary stability.

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