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Chemical production

Research, development and testing

Chemical production is an exciting world of computer control and monitoring, mixing units, pipes and other specialised machinery. This is where the world-renowned remanium® alloys are made. More than 1000 tonnes of investment materials a year are manufactured in the fully automatic powder manufacturing plant. This includes the casting investment material rema® dynamic, which is one of the most popular investment materials in Germany. The facility also manufactures a wide range of dental waxes along with duplicating materials, mixing fluids and many other dental products. We also use advanced production technology such as CIM processes (ceramic-injection moulding) to manufacture a wide range of ceramic products using injection moulding.

Mechanical production

Innovation, precision and safety

Our experience and our passion for accuracy makes us experts in the manufacture of mechanical products for orthodontics and implant dentistry. We use proven processes and also modern, computer-guided processes that have been optimised and perfected over the years for our manufacturing. For example, Dentaurum metal brackets are fabricated in one piece from highly corrosion-resistant stainless-steel alloys. The discovery® and discovery® sl premium brackets are injection moulded with the advanced MIM process (metal-injection moulding). Ultramodern long-turning lathes are used to manufacture the tioLogic® implant system. Regardless of whether they are metal brackets, expansion screws or implants, all our products are laser-marked for easy identification. The marking process is durable, abrasion resistant and is bio-compatible as it does not contain any colouring substances.

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DENTAURUM worldwide


Address: Turnstraße 31, 75228 Ispringen, Deutschland

Phone: +49 7231 803-0, Fax: +49 7231 803-295

E-Mail: info@dentaurum.de

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