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The innovative Touch up-concept

enhanced Aesthetics

  • individual degrees of glaze possible on a single piece of work
  • smooth and homogeneous surfaces
  • optimal marginal areas, occlusal surfaces and contact points resembling that of natural dentition

time saving due to less effort

  • easy to process correction and glaze firing in one
  • safe build-up on objects which have been previously inserted
  • easy, quick repair due to reduced firing temperature

One layering technique for all framework materials

The ceraMotion® hybrid concept

  • all colour indications possible
  • standard and bleach colours available
  • covers all shade systems found on the market
  • special colour effects are easy to achieve

Nature-identical colour variety

The Chroma Concept

  • alle Farbindikationen möglich
  • für Standard- und Bleachfarben verfügbar
  • Abdeckung aller am Markt befindlicher Farbsysteme
  • spezielle Farbeffekte einfach zu erzielen

A3 stays A3

Maximum colour stability

  • reliable results thanks to the Dentaurum Ceramics thermocoloration process
  • excellent shade stability after multiple firing
  • guaranteed shade accuracy

Maximum bonding strength

The innovative TRC-Concept

  • maximum bonding strength, in particular with non-precious metal alloys
  • Bonder and Opaque together in one TR paste opaque
  • tension reduced connection (TRC)
  • excellent opacity
  • easy application

Outstandingly high edge and shape stability

  • consistent quality due to synthetically manufactured raw materials
  • the CTE will not increase in value after multiple firing
  • best possible ceramic stability and strength
  • high strength due to maximum material density
  • homogeneous, sealed surfaces
  • no unwanted rounding off of edges due to high firing stability

A unique spectrum of expertise

Dentaurum is both developer and manufacturer

  • 125 years of dental expertise
  • customer oriented use of synergies
    as developers and manufacturers
  • safety optimisation through professional advice
    also available at your own premises
  • added value through international skills networking

Photos: © Christian Ferrari

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