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The tioLogic® PatientPass



The tioLogic® PatientPass

Dentaurum Implants is setting new standards with a new implant dentistry PatientPass, which genuinely merits that name!

In the field of implant dentistry there is an above-average range of top-quality  literature available for providing patients with information and for assistance when advising the patient. Only with regard to so-called "implant passes" is the range, and use thereof, just satisfactory. Although many passes have several pages, they are only available in business card size. Considerable skill is required in order to record the useful information which is relevant to the patient and treatment.

At Dentaurum Implants the view is that a patient who invests a lot in sophisticated dental treatment and dental laboratory work should also be provided with adequate documentation of all the implant therapy services for his personal files. To supplement personal counselling by the dentist such a pass should include not only case-related technical and medical information but also information about maintenance of the implant-borne dental restoration. Likewise, there should be adequate space for documentation of the necessary follow-up appointments so that the patient realises the need for regular check-ups in this way as well.

The tioLogic© PatientPass, which enables the dentist and dental technician to quickly record all the patient-specific information in sufficient detail for up to 3 separate implant treatments, e. g. by means of handwritten entries or by affixing the sandwich labels supplied, was designed in collaboration with implant dentists. 
Like a passport, this document is designed to accompany patients for many years and provide the relevant dentist with important information quickly and compactly if the patient moves to a different town. That is another reason why the tioLogic® PatientPass is of such a high quality and designed for many years of use (including space for documenting more than 50 check-ups).

With all these characteristics the document is setting new standards for state-of-the-art, treatment-oriented patient support.

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