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An unforgettable outing for the whole family



Whether in orthodontics, prosthetics or implantology, the Dentaurum Group has always played a decisive role in creating perfect aesthetics and beautiful smiles for patients. Today we would like to introduce you to another form of aesthetics – beautiful jewellery, and an insight into the long history behind the jewellery trade in the Gold Town, Pforzheim. For almost 240 years now, Pforzheim has been famous for producing jewellery and watches of high quality and outstanding design.

Now, Europe’s first unique shopping experience based entirely on jewellery and watches “THE WORLD OF JEWELLERY” in Pforzheim has opened with over 3,500 square metres in the heart of the Gold Town. For the very first time it is possible to view the unbelievable diversity of Pforzheim’s goldsmiths. From pri-celess valuables to modern designer and fashion jewellery, there is something for everyone.

Visit this unique jewellery experience and become enchanted by its irresistible array of exclusive brands, enjoy the breathtaking jewellery amusement park and  discover the glittering mystical world of rare minerals with over 5000 exhibits. In THE WORLD OF JEWELLERY, marvel at the world’s first real gold convertible car and admire the masters of the age-old craft of jewellery manufacture.

THE WORLD OF JEWELLERY is an unforgettable outing for the whole family. Take a fascinating walk through the realms of creative talent. Sense the formation of a new piece of jewellery in its flickering molten state, feel your way across a metre high wall of pure gold or take a wonderful virtual ride through the earth’s atmosphere to the sparkling world of precious stones.

Experience jewellery, watches and their creation in a new and impressive way – THE WORLD OF JEWELLERY, the jewel of the Gold Town, Pforzheim.

Further information on THE WORLD OF JEWELLERY Pforzheim can also be found under http://www.schmuckwelten.de/.

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Address: Turnstraße 31, 75228 Ispringen, Deutschland

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E-Mail: info@dentaurum.de

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