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Senior Director of the Dentaurum Group turns 70

Jochen-Peter Winkelstroeter celebrated his 70th birthday on the 5th October


Senior Director of the Dentaurum Group turns 70

Next year, the world’s oldest dental company enjoys its 125th anniversary, and in the meantime, there is another reason to celebrate: Jochen-Peter Winkelstroeter, pionier in the dental trade and senior director of the Dentaurum Group, celebrates his special milestone birthday in the company of his many congratulants.

Born into the third generation of this successful family business, Jochen-Peter Winkelstroeter was trained in the dental field from scratch. After finishing school in Pforzheim, he then went on to complete years of apprenticeship and study overseas. He studied dental medicine and technology in France, the USA and in his parent’s company in Pforzheim. Here he worked his way through all departments within the company, under the management of his father Hans-Peter Winkelstroeter. In 1963 he married his wife Ulla, who, due to her business administration background and technical talent, assisted him as his active right-hand-woman from the very beginning.

The dental company was completely destroyed in the Second World War. Once the war ended, husband and wife entrepreneur team Hans-Peter and Lieselotte Winkelstroeter managed to re-build the business with a tremendous amount of hard work. Within the next few years the business grew and developed continuously. In 1968 their only son, Jochen-Peter Winkelstroeter, who had already been fully prepared for business management, took the management of Dentaurum. His propensity to invest and entrepreneurial aptitude encouraged the dynamic growth of the company so well, that the previous company location in Pforzheim soon became too small. Due to this, the business was relocated to a brand new building in Ispringen together with the production, research and administration. In foresight, Jochen-Peter Winkelstroeter acquired a site with the potential for growth through future generations. The Dentaurum Group grew into a worldwide renowned, modern industrial business. Today, the innovative dental company “made in Germany” combines research, development, production and distribution of dental products all under the same roof. A state-of-the-art dental training center with first class lecturers has been the figurehead for the Dentaurum Group for the last 15 years.

In his various business trips around the world over the years, Jochen-Peter Winkelstroeter was able to enhance his many language skills and establish numerous ties with several important contacts and business relations for the global dental company. Even then, the young entrepreneur was characterized by his open-mindedness, assertiveness, optimism and courageous, future-oriented way of thinking, which enabled him to take new, progressive business paths. Numerous milestones in Dentaurum’s history are related to his innovative management, such as the introduction of the laser welding technique in the production of orthodontic products, the production of investment materials, non-precious metal bonding alloys and the manufacture of ceramic brackets.

There were however, also some difficult times. Two major fires in the years 1986 and 1987 destroyed in particular the Ispringen Dentaurum Group warehouse. Through months of hard clearance work and the avid support of the entire workforce, it was possible for the Winkelstroeter family to wipe out any trace of the inferno.

The pleasant working atmosphere, which was of great importance to Jochen-Peter Winkelstroeter, showed in the dental company’s good team solidarity then, as it does today.

Jochen-Peter Winkelstroeter is a warm-hearted businessman, to whom direct personal contact was always of great importance, and still is. He always made a conscious effort to nurture relationships with customers, business partners and his employees. Even today, he can be seen at important trade exhibitions such as the IDS, and is always well informed of current affairs in the dental trade.

In addition to his first class entrepreneurial skills, Jochen-Peter Winkelstroeter is also a man with strong family values and great generosity. An informal, honest and open contact with one another is of great importance to him. He has proved this in his daily work and in a number of other occasions, such as when honouring long serving employees, sending Christmas Greetings to each individual employee and at the enjoyable Dentaurum summer parties. Last but not least, his social engagement overseas speaks highly in this great man’s favour.

The entire Dentaurum Group workforce wishes this likable, young-at-heart jubilarian a very Happy Birthday and wishes both him and his wife Ulla good health and the best of luck for the future.

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