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Artistic memento of the 125th anniversary of the company



“Vita brevis, ars longa“ – with this Latin quote loosely based on Seneca “life is short, art is long” Mark Stephen Pace, Managing Director and Managing Partner of the Dentaurum Group, performed the ceremonial unveiling of a very special sculpture to mark the 125th anniversary of the Ispringen dental company.

When Swiss dental technician and goldsmith Arnold Biber opened a laboratory in Pforzheim, Germany, in 1886 no one imagined that it would develop into the Dentaurum Group which operates successfully at an international level. Today the company is characterised by the exceptional width and depth of its range of dental products and first-class services in orthodontics, implantology, dental technology and dental ceramics. The fourth generation is now at the helm of the owner-managed family company with Mark Stephen Pace, Axel Winkelstroeter and Petra Pace.

In order to leave future generations a lasting memory of this unique anniversary year, the owner family has come up with something very special. Mark Stephen Pace, fascinated by the oldest large buildings and monuments of human history and in particular by the fertility goddess, who can be found in the stone temples of his native Malta, commissioned the well-known Pforzheim sculptor and painter René Dantes to interpret something “ancient” from a new perspective.

René Dantes took up the challenge to create a work of art that is the spirit of opulence and abundance using satin-finish stainless steel, a material that can be very easily shaped and bent, but can also easily buckle. He mastered the task with flying colours, which was clearly seen on September 15th at the unveiling of “Melita”. The name “Melita”, derived from Malta, originally came from the Greek and essentially means “honey bee” and “the industrious”. As the Dentaurum Group also stands for industriousness and internationality and the day that Melita is celebrated is September 15th, the perfect name was found for the latest masterpiece from René Dantes. This modern version of the fertility goddess based on the Maltese example, should also bring the company successful growth of innovative products and services over the next 125 years. Further information about the fascinating works of the versatile artist is available at www.rene-dantes.de.

The anniversary year 2011 will not only be remembered because of “Melita” but also because of many exceptional Dentaurum Group events. This year from 18 – 19 November there is a unique Orthodontic Symposium in the Pforzheim Congress Centre with high-quality speakers from research and education.

Detailed information about the events and all about the Dentaurum Group is available from:

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