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A strong commitment to the environment

Dentaurum, active in environmental protection for many years


A strong commitment to the environment

From its beginnings as a dental laboratory founded in Pforzheim in 1886, the Dentaurum Group has continuously increased and developed through its consistent innovative spirit and dynamic growth, to a globally successful dental company. In the fields of orthodontics, dental prosthetics and implantology, Dentaurum offers a wide range of approx. 7,000 different products. Innovation, performance and service – these are the terms which come to mind in connection with this internationally renowned company. Within the last few decades a new term has shaped both the company’s image and entrepreneurial actions: Sustainability.

Particular concerns of the company managers Mark S. Pace and Axel Winkelstroeter are the sustainability of the natural environment and conservation for future generations, safeguarding employment and continuously improve working conditions. The environmental objectives associated with these aspects are collectively realized within the company. As a matter of course, the company conforms to all environmentally relevant legislation. Through a variety of training sessions, regular exchange of information and the appointment of an environmental protection and risk assessment advisor, the ecological awareness of around 500 employees are constantly encouraged. Raw materials, energy, water and consumer products are used as sparingly and as specifically as possible, and suppliers are also assessed on environmentally relevant criteria. Preferred contractual partners are those who also work in compliance with ecological stipulations. The efficiency of the environmental policy is consistently guaranteed through the eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS) which was introduced 1996, and through regular assessment with internal and external examinations.

In the course of time, many milestones have been set through the Dentaurum Group’s active environmental policy. This is how, in 1991, the oldest dental company in the world received the Enz District Industrial Waste Prize for exemplary separation of recyclable waste. Three years later, the conventional, disposable transport packaging was replaced with a modern and ecological reusable concept. This modernization saves the company approx. 30 tonnes of packaging material per year. In 1995 the company became a member of the Bundesdeutschen Arbeitskreis für Umweltbewusstes Management (B. A. U. M.), the German study-group for conservation conscious management, and after a critical point analysis, was awarded the title Environmentally Friendly Company. After participating in an environmental project in 2000 with Ökoradar des deutschen Kompetenzzentrums für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften (DKNW), the German Competence Center for Sustainable Economic Activity at the University of Witten/Herdeck, Dentaurum was successfully certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001. Three years later the new office and logistic center was built as a low-energy consumption building and the recycling yard with spaces for recyclable materials and waste containers was consolidated.

The next eco-political goal is to reduce the consumption of natural gas for space heating by 5%. In future, the dental company plans to continue their sustainable and socially responsible style of management, so that environmental conservation continues to remain a top priority.

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