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100 Years of Villa Winkelstroeter

International Meeting of Dentaurum Group Subsidiaries


100 Years of Villa Winkelstroeter

This year, the year before the Ispringen-based dental company celebrates 125 years of Dentaurum, a meeting of the subsidiaries of the Dentaurum Group took place.

Guests from all over the world (Australia, Benelux, France, Italy, Canada, Spain and the USA) met at the head office of the parent company in Ispringen for a four-day meeting. The purpose was to discuss international exchange of information and cooperation, including in the fields of product development, sales, marketing, customer service,digital media and preparations for the significant Dentaurum anniversary year in 2011.

The managing directors of the Dentaurum Group, Mark S. Pace and Axel Winkelstroeter, started the meeting by inviting all attending to a welcome dinner in the historical Pforzheim restaurant "La Villa" – the former Villa Winkelstroeter. The reception rooms of the villa with their elaborately worked fittings reflecting the lifestyle of wealthy citizens of later German imperial period, gave the evening its special atmosphere. In this setting the 125 years of company history of the oldest privately owned dental company in the world were given a special reality for the guests.

Exactly 100 years ago Dr Fritz Winkelstroeter had this villa built in Blücherstrasse 32 in Pforzheim, the base of his dental company, by the architect Theodor Preckel sen. The three sons of the factory owners Fritz and Christina Winkelstroeter grew up in this beautifuly furnished villa. The family's bedrooms and the bathroom were on the first floor. The family servants lived in the attic, as was usual in well-off households at the time. The reception rooms on the ground floor of the villa with their elaborate decoration are still well preserved. By a miracle the Villa Winkelstroeter was not damaged in the second world war, although the adjacent Dentaurum plant was completely destroyed. The door handles, the staircase and the letterbox at the front door are among the many original details still to be found in the villa.

Fans of the best Italian cuisine can now enjoy high-quality food in "La Villa" and inspect the unique architecture of this well-preserved building.

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