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"Quality creates trust"

International Advanced Training Course by Dentaurum Implants


"Quality creates trust"

"tioLogic® - Quality creates trust" was the main theme of the two-day International Advanced Training Course organized by Dentaurum Implants that took place on June 20 - 22, 2014 in the Sheraton Hotel in Munich. This year for the 14th time, more than 160 participants from 18 countries attended the training course to learn more about the newest developments in implantology and the portfolio of quality products made by Dentaurum Implants. Related to the main theme "Quality creates trust", the conference offered lectures and hands-on-workshops on scientific analyses of product innovations, the solution of complex implant cases, optimized implant prostheses and CAD/CAM solutions on tioLogic® implants.
On the evening prior to the conference, the participants had the chance to discuss and exchange their implantology experiences and techniques on an international level during a welcoming dinner. The conference started on Saturday with a lecture by Dr. Jorge Pardo from Columbia, who specializes in difficult implant cases in his dental clinic and presented the participants with solutions and limits using case studies that were brought into plenary discussion later. In the following lecture blocks, the team around Dr. Joachim Hoffmann from Jena and the dental technician ZTM Dirk Bachmann from Bruchsal explored the topic of optimized implant prostheses from a surgical and prosthetic point of view. The prosthetic solutions and optimizations shown in this block focused on the mandibular posterior region as well as edentulous mandibles. PD Dr. med. dent. Friedhelm Heinemann from Morsbach/Sieg concentrated on scientific analyses of current product innovations during his lecture. Based on the main conference theme "Quality creates trust", the conference included lectures on various scientific and academic analyses of product innovations such as the tioLogic® ST implant, the Shorty and the ADVANCED surgical tray. Studies about bone regeneration and implant stability showed that the tioLogic® ST implant offers conditions for long-term success due to its modified thread design and implant surface.

The participants got a precise idea of the development, manufacture and quality control of a product innovation at Dentaurum Implants on the one hand and of the external academic studies conducted by PD Dr. Friedhelm Heinemann related to this innovation on the other hand.
In relation to the topic of optimized implant prostheses the Sunday morning lectures centered on CAD/CAM. The lectures presented the ample possibilities of CAD/CAM solutions on tioLogic® implants and the completely digital concept of Dentaurum Implants. Tobias Grosse and Matthias Ulmer, both from Dentaurum Implants, and dental technician ZTM Dirk Bachmann discussed the different digital restoration alternatives, from downloading the respective data set from the website to the manufacturing centers. Afterwards, the participants attended three continuous workshops with practical exercises and deepened their knowledge on the topics of the previous days such as CAD/CAM and insertion of tioLogic® ST implants with the new ADVANCED surgical tray or new aspects of the sinus lift. All workshops were accompanied by an experienced team of speakers and the participants had the chance to exchange experiences in active rounds of discussion.
Due to the combination of scientific studies and practical workshops, the chance for open discussion and the perfect organization by Dentaurum Implants, the two-day conference was praised by the international participants with a 1.5 grade, which was also emphasized by positive statements such as "Thank you for this wonderful event, very practical and useful. We are looking forward to the next international congress." or "Everything was great, program, service and location."
The participants of this year´s conference can already start looking forward to its sequel in 2016.

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