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International Training Course

International implantologists visit demanding education by TIOLOX Implants


International Training Course

In the Center Dental Communication of the Dentaurum Group in Ispringen, Germany, TIOLOX Implants conducted the „International training course“ right at the beginning of the year. 50 implantologists from six different countries took part at this successful education event according to the principle „dental implants and a new type of bone augmentation material for more quality of life“.

An attractive mixture of active workshops with practical excercises according to the latest operation techniques, scientific lectures, live surgeries and knowledge transfer between colleagues was offered to the course participants.

As the years before there was a great interest in this practically orientated seminar. Although the number of particpants was conciously limitated to realize optimum conditions for the participants. 

After the official opening of the „international training course“ by Mr. Mark Stephen Pace, CEO Dentaurum Group, Dr. Manfred Sontheimer (Issing) gave valuable tips of more than 20 years of implantological experience in his private dental clinic. Followed by an interesting workshop to the subjects of bone splitting, bone augmentation, sinuslift and membrane techniques with Dr. Joachim Hoffmann (Jena). On the basis of training material, participants put the presented techniques for daily cases as well as bigger implant cases into action.  

The next training day Dr. Sontheimer continued with two live surgeries to the subject of front tooth restauration in connection with bone augmentation which was transmitted to a big screen, well visible for the audience. Goal of these operations was to show important aspects of implantation and augmentation on the aesthetical sensitive front tooth area which leads to an optimum result. The new bone augmentation material NanoBone® was used hereto which resulted in brisk demand of the participants because of its optimum handling ability. This was substantiated by the presentation of various indications of hystologists, following the live surgeries.

In conclusion the subject of „cooperation between dentist and dental technician“ as well as various documentations of dental technical cases were on the agenda.
Mr. Klaus Waschbüsch, dental technical speaker of the Dentaurum Group and Dr. Sontheimer lectured in co-moderation about the various possibilities of prosthetic provision on TIOLOX implants with illustration on patients cases.

The course participants very positive resonance on the three very informative, practical and scientifical based training days confirm the course concept of the TIOLOX team: science in direct combination with practical realisation results in worldwide appreciated successful and interesting education.

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