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Wax patterns made easy

OVL - the new special lacquer from Dentaurum


Wax patterns made easy

The new surface sealing lacquer, abbreviated as OVL, simplifies work and saves precious time when fabricating wax patterns and subsequently processing in metal. Its development was initiated by the cast partial denture expert Klaus Dittmar, who is well known due to his many publications and presentations both at home and abroad. The new surface sealing lacquer from Dentaurum can be used to smooth surfaces and fill cracks within the wax pattern. It is particularly useful when fabricating cast partial dentures; clasps and parts of the basis can be adapted easier and smoothed over ideally on the model. It prevents the investment material from seeping under the wax pattern during model casting entirely. Clasps can be fixed securely in position. Also in crown and bridgework surfaces can be smoothed over and contacts strengthened by using the lacquer. Smooth wax surfaces produce smoother casting results. This saves the laboratory precious time and money. The surface sealing lacquer is available in a handy 20ml bottle, together with an integrated paintbrush lid. This practical little helper has a welcome place on every laboratory bench.

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