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The new Supercut Separating Disc - extra thin

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The new Supercut Separating Disc - extra thin

The well established and exceedingly successful Supercut separating discs have now been supplemented with an extra, even thinner disc at only 0.2mm thickness. This range of separating discs from Dentaurum enjoy an excellent reputation thanks to their high quality. The special fibre reinforcement makes them far more durable in comparison to conventional separating discs. Their great stability, cutting and separating ability and elasticity makes them strong competitors for use in every laboratory.

This particular product range from the Dentaurum group includes large and small separating discs in various thickness. The larger separating discs have a diameter of 40mm and are available in 0.5mm to 1.0mm thickness. The smaller sized separating discs are available in the thickness 1.0 / 0.5 / 0.3 and now also in 0.2mm.

Until now there was always the fear that such ultra thin separating discs would break too easily, but now, thanks to the unique new fibre reinforcement, those are doubts of the past. Their features such as high stability, minimal risk of breakage and an extremely thin cutting slit make these discs highly efficient.
They are at their most cost effective when used to cut precious metals.

The larger separating discs, especially the thinner versions, prove their efficiency when used to cut the strongest sprues, such as those in chrome cobalt castings. The length of their service life greatly exceeds that of other manufactured discs. An additional advantage is their cutting speed - the discs cut so fast that the work piece does not become overheated. The recommended area of application comprises the entire metal spectrum, from precious metals to non-precious alloys and titanium.

Dentaurum is the name to remember in the dental laboratory for cutting through metal alloys.

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