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The new rematitan® blanks:

Titanium blanks from the metal specialist


The new rematitan® blanks:

The brand names remanium® and rematitan® symbolize highest product quality worldwide. Dentaurum has now extended its portfolio of metal blanks for easy use in the CAD/CAM milling technique by the new blanks rematitan® Ti2 and rematitan® Ti5.

Both offer a high degree of biocompatability and corrosion resistance and the pure titanium rematitan® Ti2 is gentle on tools. It is suitable for all applications in crown and bridge work.

rematitan® Ti5 is a titanium alloy with an increased mechanical hardness and is therefore particularly suitable for long-span, delicate framework structures and for implant work.

A veneering ceramic which is suitable for titanium such as ceraMotion® Ti by Dentaurum guarantees best aesthetics and highest bond strength together with the two new titanium blanks.

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