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The new remanium® GM 280:

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The new remanium® GM 280:

The time-tested and highly praised cast partial denture alloys remanium® GM 800+, GM 380+ and 900 have been complemented by a new alloy. Dentaurum introduces the innovative CrCo alloy remanium® GM 280 as latest development.

Excellent processing properties
remanium® GM 280 features an extremely low hardness, making it very easy to trim and polish. In combined frameworks, such as telescopic prosthetics, this is a very unique selling proposition. In addition, remanium® GM 280 has a very high elongation at rupture and thus aids easy activation without the risk of clasp fracture. Never has there been a cast partial denture alloy this easy to process, while presenting such a low risk of clasp fracture.

Success story of a brand
Just like all other remanium® cast partial denture alloys, this new one has a mirror like shine that shows the exact cast moment, helping to avoid overheating the melt. remanium® is a brand that has been continually further developed and adapted to the technical advances of dental technology. For many years now, remanium® alloys have been among the most well-known dental products in dental technology and are based on many years of successful product history.

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