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The new prosthetics catalogue 2009/2010

Hot off the press and digital – ready for the IDS


The new prosthetics catalogue 2009/2010

The Dentaurum Group presents the new prosthetics catalogue 2009/2010 in the classical printed version in a handy DIN-A5 form and in digital version on CD-ROM – both contain a variety of new products and a wide range of service offers.

Innovative products, such as the new special investment material rema® TT, which cover specialised areas within the dental field. Complex techniques such as telescope restorations are excellently covered by a complete programme of relevant materials. The brands remanium® and rema®, have a long standing tradition and always represent state-of-the-art technology.

The new desktop Compact Laser, embodies 15 years of dental welding experience in one table top unit. So much technology in such a small space, impossible until now with a laser of this capacity and performance.

The ceramics programme is now complete and rounds off this wide variety of Dentaurum products for fixed dental restorations.

The new multi-lingual CD-ROM catalogue comprises various instructions for use, application tips and safety sheets for the entire programme. Here you will find additional, detailed information on most important Dentaurum products, in the form of pdf-files. With only a couple of clicks you can receive all the relevant information in a compact form. Apart from the German prosthetics catalogue there is also an English, French and Spanish edition 2009/2010 available from Dentaurum, free of charge, in both printed and digital form.

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