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Star Wax Blanks:

Wax milling made easy.


Star Wax Blanks:

Dentaurum will be launching new wax blanks in time for IDS 2017. They have excellent milling properties for the manufacture of crowns and bridges or cast partial dentures using the CAD/Vest process.

Milling blanks made of special wax offer a good opportunity to step into the world of semi-digital manufacture. The blanks are dimensioned to suit all milling machines for standard blanks. The new wax blanks from Dentaurum are characterized by their excellent milling properties and residue-free burn-out.

The Star Wax Blanks grey with a thickness of 20 mm are ideal for the manufacture of crowns and bridges - for casting and in particular for pressing. They are easy to process since they are slightly elastic and have a high edge strength. The Star Wax Blanks blue with a thickness of 25 mm are ideal for cast partial dentures. They are the ideal basis for frameworks with a perfect fit as they have a high fracture strength and are tension-free.

Casting can be facilited by using a suitable investment material for cast partial dentures such as the new rema® blue. Dentaurum, a leading manufacturer in the field of cast partial dentures, thereby offers materials not only for the conventional process, but also for the semi-digital and the fully digital process (SLM).

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