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remanium® star

an innovative dental alloy from Dentaurum opens new horizons


remanium® star

The Dentaurum Group one of the leading suppliers of CoCr based alloys announced the launch of a new product: remanium® star. remanium® star is a new generation CoCr dental alloy which enables modern dental prosthesis without forfeiting quality, aesthetics and bio-compatibility. Thanks to its unusually low hardness, remanium® star can be easily trimmed and polished, thus enabling "a novel ease of processing". Oxid firing is not required. Further product advantages include outstanding melting and casting behaviour as well as excellent laser welding features. Thanks to its thermal expansion co-efficient, remanium® star can be coated with porcelain thus producing highly attractive results.

The new soft alloy from Dentaurum offers maximum flexibility because it is suitable for all melting methods: high frequency, arc or torch melting.

Dentaurum Group remanium® CoCr alloys are exceptionally well tolerated by patients and extremely corrosion resistant. They do not contain any nickel, iron or any toxic substances such as beryllium, indium or gallium. The latter two elements are often found in reduced precious metal content alloys. remanium® star is highly bio-compatible.

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