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remanium® secura

Reliability has Top Priority


remanium® secura

The latest highlight in the range of remanium® metal-ceramic alloys from Dentaurum is called remanium® secura. This is a great name for this range: the new CoCr alloy provides users with the reliability they need for achieving the highest possible quality.

The outstanding melting and casting properties of remanium® secura alloy ensure perfect castings and an excellent metal-ceramic bond. Thanks to the new-type chemistry of remanium® secura, only a thin layer of oxide forms and produces outstanding metal-ceramic bond strength, exceeding the standard by far. This very high metal-ceramic bond strength provides dental techni-cians, dentists and patients with the dependability of a top class quality product.

remanium® secura melts clearly without spattering or slagging not only when using vacuum/pressure casting but also with all other melting and casting techniques. As the small remanium® secura ingots weigh only 4 grams, the amount of metal in the crucible can now be measured even more exactly to enable dental technicians to work cost-effectively and save real money.

Further advantages of this product are its high corrosion-resistance and outstanding laser weldability. All Dentaurum remanium® CoCr alloys are extremely compatible. They do not contain nickel nor do they include health hazardous substances such as beryllium, indium or gallium. remanium® secura is a CoCr bonding alloy of the latest generation, for fabricating modern dentures without impairing quality, aesthetics or biocompatibility.

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