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remanium® kompendium

A step ahead through knowledge


remanium® kompendium

As one of the leading manufacturers of high quality alloys, in particular non-precious
metal alloys, the Ispringer dental company Dentaurum has a unique manual to offer to dental technicians – the remanium® kompendium.

Both the apprentice and the experienced technician will find a whole range of interesting information on the fabrication of non-precious dental restorations in this three part remanium® kompendium series. The individual chapters in the remanium® kompendium relate to one another in a step by step manner, and yet are complete in their own right. Individual working steps are photo documented in practical working steps, and the picture statement is always in the foreground. Short descriptions with advice and tips highlighted, all serve to provide a very appealing and useful reference book.

The first part of the remanium® kompendium describes the manufacture of crowns and bridges, and in particular their different production methods in comparison to precious metal alloys. The many photos and pictures make reading the individual working steps, such as fabricating the bridge framework, the ceramic build-up and polishing a full metal crown, very enjoyable.

Part 2 of the remanium® kompendium describes the dental technical procedures during the manufacture of a cast metal denture. Starting with model assessment and basic statics, the entire process is presented in full detail up to the final procedure of polishing the cast metal denture. A description of the various types of clasps is included as well as some real case examples which conclude this reference concept.

The third chapter is still in the construction phase and will describe the process of combined restorative techniques. The remanium® kompendium is not only available in book-form. It is also available on the extremely interesting Dentaurum Group homepage as an online reference manual – see www.dentaurum.de and www.remanium-kompendium.de.

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Turnstr. 31 – 75228 Ispringen, Germany
Tel. +49 7231 / 803-0
Fax: +49 7231 / 803-295
Email: info@dentaurum.de

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