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remanium® - everyone is talking about it

A success story celebrates an anniversary


remanium® - everyone is talking about it

In its long years of company history Dentaurum has created many brands, which have shaped the dental market for decades. Dentaurum alloys, which celebrate their 80-year anniversary this year, are now known worldwide.

remanium® is a brand that has been continually further developed and adapted to the technical advances of dental technology. For many years now remanium® alloys have been among the most well-known dental products in dental technology and are based on many years of successful product history. The remanit chrome-cobalt alloy for cast partial dentures, which was introduced in 1935, already had the basic characteristics and alloy components that can be found today in the high-quality CrCo alloys with the brand name of remanium®. Dentaurum introduces the innovative CrCo alloy remanium® GM 280 as the latest development. A feature of the alloy is its low hardness, making it very easy to trim and polish. In addition, remanium® GM 280 has a very high elongation at rupture and thus aids easy activation without the risk of the clasps fracturing.
remanium® alloys for crown and bridgework are among the most important elements in a continuously growing market for this alloy group. The alloys are optimized for a large number of processing technologies – from the traditional casting technique and milling blanks to the finest powder for laser melting technology.
remanium® star milling blanks are available in two quality grades, manufactured either powder-metallurgically highly condensed or in a special casting process.

remanium® wires and wire elements have also had an excellent reputation worldwide for many decades with thousands of satisfied users. Both the development and production and inspection of the different remanium® alloys are carried out centrally at Dentaurum in Ispringen according to the high standards of “Made in Germany”.

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Turnstr. 31
D-75228 Ispringen
Tel. +49 7231 / 803-0
Fax: +49 7231 / 803-295
E-mail: info@dentaurum.de
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Address: Turnstraße 31, 75228 Ispringen, Deutschland

Phone: +49 7231 803-0, Fax: +49 7231 803-295

E-Mail: info@dentaurum.de

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