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rema® blue from Dentaurum

Royal blue investment material for elegant results


rema® blue from Dentaurum

In the field of cast partial dentures, the traditional method of casting remains the standard procedure for the production of frameworks which are, in general, very delicate. Dentaurum can now present a new, improved investment material for cast partial dentures, thereby extending its expertise as market leader in materials for cast partial denture structures that are easy to process and offer a perfect fit.

An outstanding feature of the new investment material rema® blue is its high gas permeability. It is possible to achieve very smooth castings at low preheating temperatures. These characteristics offer clear advantages: there is less strain on the preheating furnaces and the material is easier to devest. The investment material can be used for all duplicating methods and speed preheating is also possible.

A special concept has been newly developed for the material to be used with the CAD/Vest process. Be it printed or milled frameworks made of plastic or wax – a special mixing liquid guarantees an optimum fit.

Dentaurum is one of the few manufacturers in the dental field to offer a comprehensive range of products with the best materials for the manufacture of highly flexible and delicate cast partial denture frameworks with a perfect fit.

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E-Mail: info@dentaurum.com
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Address: Turnstraße 31, 75228 Ispringen, Deutschland

Phone: +49 7231 803-0, Fax: +49 7231 803-295

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