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Quick, easy and brand new:

ceraMotion® One Touch adds the finishing touch to ceramics


Quick, easy and brand new:

ceraMotion® has something new to offer: specially developed 2D and 3D pastes for an aesthetic finish and characterization of all-ceramic monolithic restorations are available immediately. Use ceraMotion® One Touch to achieve individual characterization and glazing quickly and easily – all in just one firing cycle.

The ceraMotion® One Touch pastes are color-coordinated, are compatible with zirconium oxide or lithium disilicate and are manufactured using a special high-tech process. The particle size of the pastes has been adapted to suit the requirements for the staining technique (2D) and to offer the possibility of creating an individual morphology in the incisal area and in the occlusal surface area (3D). The new consistency allows a homogenous wetting of all-ceramic object surfaces. The thixotropic effect produces perfect surface integrity and enables minimal layering. All of the ceraMotion® One Touch pastes are translucent, thereby retaining the light dynamic effect of the framework material.

2D pastes create light in the tooth
The small particle size together with the translucency of the 2D pastes serve to optimize the color of the tooth, the brightness value and the in-depth effect of the ceramic material. The fluorescence of the pastes has been adapted to that of natural teeth, lending a natural appearance to all-ceramic restorations.

Attaining a third dimension with One Touch
By joining slightly larger ceramic particles with a thixotropic paste, it is possible to shape the incisal area and the occlusal surface area and to add contact points precisely. The firing stability of the 3D pastes guarantees that the desired morphology is maintained. The translucency and the opalescence of the ready-made 3D incisal masses create an in-depth effect which appears authentic.

The ceraMotion® One Touch set contains 16 single masses as well as special liquids and accessories. All parts of the set are also available individually.

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