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One machine – a variety of uses :

The autocast universal® 230 transforms any type of metal into a perfect cast


One machine – a variety of uses :

The new autocast universal® 230 casting machine from Dentaurum allows you flexibility with your choice of casting metal (PM, NP, Ti) whilst being easy to operate and producing perfect results.

After the successful introduction of the all round casting machine autocast universal, Dentaurum brings its successor onto the market.The autocast universal® 230 is a follow up which meets customer’s requirements such as easy installation and handling. Unlike its predecessor, the autocast universal® 230 can be connected to 230 V mains power. The processing parameters are set by simply turning the potentiometer. The omittance of rarely used functions makes this machine better value for money, with the consequence that this excellent all round casting machine will soon become the no. 1 choice for many laboratories. The autocast universal® 230 transforms any type of metal into a perfect cast. Whether titanium and non precious metal alloys or high noble and reduced noble alloys, the autocast universal® 230 melts and casts all types and produces outstanding results.

Reliable technology has been improved. The electric arc melting technique, which has proven its worth for many years, has been maintained. The autocast universal® 230 has a well balanced vacuum pressure casting system integrated within. The strength of the vacuum pump together with an optimal amount of pressure, guarantees an even flow of argon gas into the casting ring and subsequently the highest level of casting assurance. According to the type of alloy, the electric arc can be regulated individually from 10-100%, depending on material and weight. A fixed electrode, a substantial distance away from the melting area, guarantees careful melting of the metal. The high technical quality of the autocast universal® 230 makes homogenous castings and smooth surfaces a standard result.

In every day laboratory use the most significant advantages of the autocast universal® 230 are its shorter processing times and user friendly operation. Quick material switch over and the uncomplicated, automatic entry of processing parameter, increase laboratory efficiency.

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