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New Dentaurum Subsidiary in Switzerland

The world’s oldest independent dental company opens a new branch in the company founder’s home country


New Dentaurum Subsidiary in Switzerland

When the Swiss dental technician Arnold Biber advertised the opening of his laboratory in Pforzheim in October 1886, nobody could have anticipated that this foundation would one day turn into a global enterprise and leading dental company.

Today, 126 years later, the international family business with Swiss roots has founded their own subsidiary in Hägendorf, in the county of Olten in Kanton Solothurn. One could say they’ve gone “back to their roots”.

The Dentaurum Group has already been a competent partner for orthodontists and dental technicians in Switzerland many years, until now through the support from independent sales representatives. The Chief Executive Officer Mark S. Pace and sales manager Ute Lehrer, are delighted about the direct presence in Switzerland. Ms. Lehrer has successfully represented Dentaurum in Switzerland for many years.

Through the closer proximity to their customers and the expansion of services provided, the position of the Dentaurum Group in Switzerland should become sustainably stronger and above all expand in a targeted direction.


Contact information for the new Dentaurum subsidiary:

DENTAURUM Switzerland GmbH
Sales Manager Ute Lehrer
Vogelberg 21 b
CH-4614 Hägendorf

Tel.: 0041 / 62 216 57 00
Fax: 0041 / 62 216 57 01
E-Mail: ute.lehrer@dentaurum.ch

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