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Exclusive cooperation:

Dentaurum and Concept Laser


Exclusive cooperation:

The Dentaurum Group, leaders in the non-precious metal alloy segment, and Concept Laser, a company of the Hofmann Innovation Group and pioneer in the sector of generative metal laser melting technology, will in future cooperate exclusively in the laser melting of dental alloys segment.

Within the parameters of this cooperation the two companies have agreed to the provision and marketing of high-quality CrCo alloys, which have been approved for use with the LaserCUSING® technique. The patented and clinically proven non-precious metal alloy remanium® star, which up to now has been supplied as an alloy in the form of ingots and milling blanks, is now also exclusively available as a laser-melting alloy powder from Concept Laser as remanium® star CL. Copings and bridge frameworks can be fabricated extremely cost-effectively with remanium® star CL powder using the LaserCUSING® technique. Products manufactured using this technique comply with the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive (DIN EN ISO 9693 / DIN EN ISO 22674). Certificates are provided with delivery of the material for Concept Laser customers. Other powder materials are currently being prepared for use in dentistry.

Proven materials for fabricating dental crown and bridge frameworks are the key to high-quality restorations and ultimately a high degree of patient satisfaction. The alloys of Dentaurum, pioneers in non-precious metal alloys, guarantee the highest quality standards.

“It is self-evident for us also to use our decades of expertise in dental materials in the development of materials optimally adapted for new technologies, e.g. LaserCUSING®. By entering into this alliance we are ensuring that our customers gain maximum benefit from the fields of expertise of the respective partners”, said Mark S. Pace, Managing Partner of the Dentaurum Group.

“Development of the unique LaserCUSING® technology highlights our claim to be the pioneers in the laser melting segment. This patented, top-quality system technology has been supplied all over the world since 2000. By cooperating with Dentaurum we hope to increase access to the dental market. The most important aspect is the confidence of customers in a high-quality medical product that we are now able to provide with remanium® star CL from Dentaurum”, commented Frank Herzog, Managing Director of Concept Laser, regarding the cooperation.

The launch is planned for autumn 2010 with several joint seminars that include live demonstrations of the fabrication technique. The seminars will also be complemented by user reports from the laboratory routine.

Additional information
Description of the LaserCUSING technique ®
In LaserCUSING® a fine metal powder is locally fused using a fibre laser. After cooling the material solidifies. The component contour is produced by deflecting the laser beam using a scanner. The component is built up layer by layer (with a layer thickness of 20 – 50μm) by lowering the build envelope base, re-application of powder followed by renewed melting. A feature of Concept Laser systems is stochastic control of the slice segments (also called islands), which are successively processed. The patented technique produces a significant reduction of stresses in the component.

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