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Dublitherm compact

The new-generation duplicating unit


Dublitherm compact

To coincide with the IDS 2005, Dentaurum presents the Dublitherm compact, a duplicating unit to “melt your heart”. A capacity of 2,5 kg satisfies the needs of almost any laboratory and facilitates optimum energy saving. Dentaurum has taken a completely new direction in economical duplication with the combined mixing and cutting unit. The paddles of this extremely strong mixing unit boast integrated cutting blades with newly developed geometry. This guarantees quick and reliable mixing on the one hand, and eliminates the tedious task of chopping-up set gel on the other.

Very practical: the mixing section is inserted from the top. The unit is therefore easier to clean and rules out the risk of damage because of over filling. The rapid but gentle heating process, as well as the highly precise temperature control, allows economical operation and constant working temperature for top results.

Its innovative cooling concept is revolutionary. A newly developed cooling unit allows extremely fast recooling. Different from other appliances on the market, the cooling air passes through a flow channel with computer-calculated geometry. Cooling is therefore more effective and energy saving.

Small details, such as the drainage valve, have also been improved. Thanks to modern CAD-CAM technology, it is now possible to dispense precisely the correct amount, effectively preventing set material from blocking the valve.

Overall, the Dublitherm compact is an appliance that belongs in every laboratory using duplicating materials, not just from a quality point of view, but also because of its economical aspects.

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