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"Die Lube" - the new improved separating agent

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"Die Lube" - the new improved separating agent

The popular separating agent from Dentaurum has not only been improved, quality has also increased and the applications of use extended. Due to a new formula it is now possible to apply a wafer-thin separating film onto plaster, metals or plastics. Even after a lengthy rest time the separating effect is maintained and the modelled coping separates without difficulty from the plaster stump without sticking. The wafer-thin separating layer guarantees ex-act modelling and performs especially well for separating metallic surfaces.

The new “Die Lube” separating agent from Dentaurum ensures that there is no adverse reaction with the investment . Its use is not restricted merely to sepa-rating plaster stumps but simplifies removal of the spacer varnish if "Die Lube" has been used for separation before the varnish is applied. Once dry the spacer varnish comes off immediately "Die Lube" can also be used as substi-tute for cutting oil. Since this new separating liquid is free of oils, no residues that could lead to reactions with the doubling silicone on doubling are formed on the model. "Die Lube" is available in the handy 45 ml bottle with brush inte-grated in the cap.

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