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Desktop Power Laser

The High Powered laser for all types of Joints on Dental Restorations


Desktop Power Laser

Dentaurum, a forerunner in bio-compatible welding technology, introduces a new desktop laser welding machine to the market.

Dentaurum’s Desktop Power Laser has energy and power levels (maximum pulse energy level 50 joule, pulse peak output 4 kW) capable of welding any type of dental metal / alloy. Just like Dentaurum’s DL 3000 laser welding machine, the Desktop Power Laser has pulse shape pre-selection. This means the dose of energy emitted during a laser impulse is automatically varied in pulse length according to the type of material to be welded. This minimises thermally induced stress within the material and reduces the production of micro cracks. The laser beam focus diameter is variable from 0.2 mm to 2.5 mm, in 0.2 mm steps. This covers the whole span of dental welding requirements from fine detailed work to larger surfaces.

Ergonomically well designed, down to the smallest detail. The laser axis is inclined optimally so that the user can sit comfortably at the microscope whilst holding the piece of work at the correct angle. The 3 joysticks inside the generously sized working chamber, allow the user to easily program the welding parameters manually. Two strong halogen lamps illuminate the working chamber evenly. The brightness can be adjusted individually by using the dimmer. A high quality Leica microscope guarantees a well illuminated, detailed view. (Instead of a stereo microscope, a Lynx Stereo Dynascope is also available as an option).

The Desktop Power Laser is user-friendly and comfortable to work with. The working chamber can be opened on both sides so that larger objects can also be easily welded. The generous sharp view working area enables the user to laser weld precisely. Accurate welding is possible even if the piece of work has not been placed directly in the laser beam focus.

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