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Desktop Compact Laser

A cost-effective laser for all applications


Desktop Compact Laser

Dentaurum has completed its range of laser units with the introduction of an outstandingly cost-effective bench laser welding unit. Dentaurum provides its customers with a comprehensive range of dental laser-welding equipment, including a compact bench unit, which can also be used for orthodontics, as well as the Desktop Power Laser, a bench unit with pulse forming, and the proven DL 3000 freestanding laser welding unit. Operators can choose a unit to suit their individual requirements.

The Desktop Compact is very attractively priced. For this reasonable price the user gets a unit with a maximum pulse energy of 30 joules, pulse peak power of 3 kW and an average output of 20 W – with a minimum space requirement of only 55 x 80 cm for the base. This allows the Desktop Compact to be located on any available bench top. Operators who require the height of the unit to be adjusted can order an optional stand that adjusts the height electrically. Using the foot control the height can be adjusted to the optimum working level to suit the height of the laboratory technician. This guarantees the best working position.

Other aspects of the ergonomics have also been considered right down to the last detail. The angle of the laser axis allows a relaxed seating position at the microscope and ensures that the workpiece can be held at an optimum angle. All the laser welding parameters can be easily set manually in the very generously dimensioned operating chamber. The chamber is brightly and evenly illuminated by two powerful halogen lamps. A high-intensity Leica® stereomicroscope with high-grade optics ensures a bright field of vision. Another feature of the Desktop Compact Laser is that it is user-friendly and easy to operate. The operating chamber can be opened at both sides so that even large workpieces can be easily inserted into the operating chamber for welding. The depth of focus of the laser beam at the weld area facilitates precision welding by the operator. Precision welding is even possible if the workpiece is not exactly in the focal point plane of the laser beam. The focal diameter of the laser beam can be varied between 0.2 and 2.0 mm in 0.1 mm stages. This allows all types of laboratory work to be welded, from the most delicate frameworks to the smoothing of larger surfaces. The user also has free storage space for 16 programmes

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