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DentAurum Vest

Produces a perfect fit: the new special investment for precious metal alloys from Dentaurum


DentAurum Vest

After the Ispringen Dentaurum Group surprised the dental world with the introduction of three high-gold-content alloys (DentAurum Classic, Bio and LFC) into the German market, it was inevitable that the world’s biggest manufacturer of investments would also put a special investment for the whole range of precious metal alloys onto the market.

“Following Trinell, the first speed investment in the world for the titanium technique, we have produced another great success with DentAurum Vest” commented Peter Ohnmacht, Head of Investment Research and Production. An unusual and unique feature of this investment is the fact that it has practically no setting expansion. The important property for dental technicians, regulation of expansion, is attained entirely by thermal expansion with DentAurum Vest. The result is that handling of the investment is virtually unaffected by external factors like the ambient temperature and the type of mixing unit and that its consistency in reproducing an accurate fit is quite unique. Thomas Schneiderbanger, Laboratory Product Development, who tested DentAurum Vest extremely thoroughly, also confirmed, “DentAurum Vest produces a perfect fit”. The fine-grained powder mixture and thermal resistance also ensure a very smooth casting surface and a precise reproduction of the pattern.

Thomas Schneiderbanger further commented, “Its handling properties are exactly what technicians require. DentAurum Vest has a smooth mixing consistency and optimum flow properties. Its working time is long enough to allow stress-free investing, and even devesting is surprisingly easy”. DentAurum Vest is suitable for both speed and conventional preheating. Another advantage is that DentAurum Vest is an investment that produces less dust, so it makes an important contribution to health protection in the workplace.

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