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DentAurum - A Name becomes a Product Range

DentAurum – High gold alloys from experienced manufacturer of biocompatible dental products


DentAurum - A Name becomes a Product Range

Dentaurum, a company well known as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of  biocompatible dental products, has recently taken precious metal alloys into its program.
Up to now Dentaurum has always offered non-precious metal alloys (such as remanium® ) and pure titanium as a cost effective and bio-compatible alternative to gold.

“We would like to complete our extensive alloy product range – and basically grant our customer’s wishes” explained Mark S. Pace, one of the managers. By introducing three new high gold dental alloys, we stay true to our company’s philosophy, to provide patients with the very best bio-compatible dental restorations. We stand in unison with the Basle University theory: corrosion resistant and bio-compatible metals and alloys must be used exclusively in prosthetic dentistry.

These materials include:

  • The Dentaurum remanium® cobalt based alloys
  • The metal titanium in the form of Tritan and rematitan® M from Dentaurum
  • The high gold, precious metal alloys, DentAurum

DentAurum Classic is an extra hard metal casting alloy, DentAurum Bio is a bonding alloy for ceramics with a conventional CTE and DentAurum LFC, is a universal bonding alloy for low fusing ceramics. Together these alloys cover all dental restorative indications. The bonding alloys DentAurum Bio and DentAurum LFC have shown excellent veneering qualities in numerous applicatory tests. The leucite glass ceramic, CARMEN, made by Esprident1, is especially suitable for veneering DentAurum Bio. Its concept of reduced firing temperatures and well suited and stable CTE make it exceptionally compatible with this high gold alloy.

Laser welding wires with identical constituents to the alloys and compatible solders round the product range off. As one of the largest investment manufacturers, a well matched investment material has obviously not been forgotten: DentAurum Vest is a phosphate bonded investment material capable of high precision, whereby the expansion can be exactly calculated. Of course other investment materials in our assortment such as Castorit super and Castorit all speed may also be used.

further information

phone: 07231 / 803-410
e-mail: info@dentaurum.de

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