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Decisive Advances in the Titanium Technology:

Trinell - worldwide the first Titanium Speed Investment Material


Decisive Advances in the Titanium Technology:

Dentaurum has developed the first Titanium Speed Investment Material that brings the titanium technology into the foreground. Reduced oxidation, efficient planning of the work cycle, and extremely accurate fit.

The new microwave drying method ensures lower oxidation. Quick oven control is possible, therefore, reducing the risk of cracking or splitting. Trinell, the Titanium Speed Investment Material makes laboratory time planning easier and more effective. As pointed out by Dr. Birgit Lehnis, our product manager, Trinell can be used for the conventional overnight method, as well as for the reduced or full speed method. The highest quality is assured, regardless of the heating method used. Also, Trinell sets new standards with regard to fit. An exact and controllable fit is possible due to the specific preheating temperatures given.

Our test laboratories acknowledge that Trinell is a universal product. Whether or not it is used in a Dentaurum Casting System, or another Titanium Casting machine, Trinell always produces outstanding results.

For decades, Dentaurum has developed and produced first quality investment materials. With Trinell we are conveninced to have given an added boost to titanium casting.

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